Are shrimp and crayfish still blacklisted?

Discussion in 'Blacklisted species' started by JacquesVermaak, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Hi @Neels913 and welcome to TASA

    You allowed to trade locally but supposedly not allowed to import... I think if you read through the whole thread maybe.. it will throw some more light and understanding on the whole story
    Basically, follow the blacklist and you safe
    A link to the copy of the last available blacklist is on the blacklist forum
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    Welcome to the forum @Neels913, my view is all or most petshops are selling in the open, i dont think they would be risking loosing their businesses by selling blacklisted stock, but then again some specialise in the illegal stuff. I have asked a few of the online shrimp store owners and the general answer is that shrimp is a grey area and the worst that can happen is u are told to stop trading. Im quiet happy to carry on selling.
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