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    After fiddling around with flourescent tubes for a while I decided to splurge and buy a decent LED setup for a 1.2m tank. I wanted something that could be set on a timer, and liked the idea of being able to set different light intensities for the different times of the day. I also don't have the time right now to fiddle around with DIY options, so wanted an out-the-box solution.

    I ordered from Jungle Aquatics and items were shipped via Courier Guy. Ordered and paid for on Friday, delivered to CT on the following Monday which I thought was pretty good service.

    What I bought:
    1 x Zetlight lancia ZP4000 Freshwater
    1 x A200 wifi controller
    1 x ZP4000 receiver

    Is good. the kit is nicely made, carefully packaged and looks properly engineered.
    It certainly looks good on the tank.

    Hmmmm, not so good or easy.
    The little setup brochure is ok for someone with an understanding of technical stuff, but certainly not step by step. Adjustments are done via a phone app and it takes a little fiddling to understand the different controls.
    You can use the light without the controller and app and just switch it on manually but then you are limited to:
    1. a night time mode - mainly blue, and
    2. a day time mode - bright white.

    The app has a basic program of light settings and you could just enable those but I wanted to personalise them.
    The app allows for 5 time periods and 4 settings within each time period. So you can set the intensity for each spectrum of light for each period. in other words for each period you set White + Blue, Royal Blue + Blue, Red + Yellow and UV.

    I run mine as follows:
    1 - 07h30 - 09h00 roughly 20% intensity white red and yellow ... a sunrise period
    2- 09h00 - 12h00 roughly 95% intensity ... daytime
    3- 12h00 - 15h00 roughly 10% intensity ... CO2 recovery period as per Walstad philosophy
    4- 15h00 - 18h00 roughly 95% intensity ... daytime
    5- 18h00 - 21h00 roughly 20% intensity mainly blue ... night time
    then off till the next morning

    Then there some options:
    An auto cloudy setting that dips and brightens the lights occasionally but I found it works on all the cycles (including the night cycle) so it a bit daft and I don't use it.
    A moonlight option. I don't know what this is supposed to do and cannot see any appreciable difference with it on or off.
    You can also control wave makers and other bits from the wifi controller & app but I don't have any of those so can't comment.

    Apart from fiddling with the settings it took around 30min to get it all setup and working.
    It's not cheap but does what it says on the box and I'm happy with the result. Also, I need another light for the other tank and this one has impressed me enough to buy another Zetlight for it.
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    Nice review Dale:thumbup:
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    Cool Review thanks. Thinking about getting this awell. How much did everything cost if I may ask?

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    There is a new model of Zetlight, called the Lancia 2. It has the wifi control items included in the light now, which should make it a bit easier. For a 60cm tank it's R1750, and a 5 foot tank is about R2750. Not cheap, but for a wifi controllable light it's pretty damn good
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