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    Hi guys, I bought the Lancia 2 today. It’s and awesome light and has great functions. But I have a few questions I’m hoping to get answers for.

    1. I have connected the Lancia to my local router / WiFi. I am able to control the light from the app if my phone is also connected to the WiFi . I’ve seen in numerous places that the Lancia can be controlled over the internet. I thought it would be as simple as just opening the app (using mobile data rather then WiFi) and then I’d be able to connect to the light and control it, sadly it doesn’t seem this way. Has anyone been able to control the light over the internet (like if they are at the work place or elsewhere?

    2. the Lancia sits almost pretty much in line with the top of my tank, and I’m finding That there is not much light spread...the top 3rd of my tank doesn’t get much light . I have a 60cm starfire tank and the Lancia is the 60cm version.
    When the fish swim closer to the top, and notdirectly under the light, it’s obvious that very little light is shining in them . If the swim towards the bottom there is more light. The same would apply to my taller background plants. The tops of theplants aren’t receiving much light.. any advice ?
    As seen in the pic, fish and plants closer to the top of the tank don’t get much light


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