Water Hardness in JHB

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    I found a document (http://www.reservoir.co.za/municipalities/12month/12Month_Johannesburg.pdf) that shows various metrics concerning the water quality in Johannesburg.

    Among these is pH and Hardness (mg/L), which are 8.0 and 64 respectively, and a standard deviation of about 10% on the hardness and a negligible deviation on the pH.

    Can those of you staying in JHB corroborate this?

    I am hoping to start an African Cichlid tank in the near future and I was wondering if I should prepare to increase the hardness of the water, and if so what have you found to be effective means of doing so?

    I have not yet purchased a water testing kit yet but I have the research urge right now and my curiosity is getting the better of me.

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