Wanted some carnivorous plants

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    Nov 28, 2010
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    HI all
    I already have some carnivorous plants but here is a list of plants I`d like to add to my collection if I can find them.
    Nepenthes ventrata
    Venus flytrap, cup trap
    nepenthes bicalcarata
    nepenthes merrilliana
    sarracenia 'dana`s delight'
    Venus flytrap akai ryu (Red dragon) (0r any other venus flytrap with much red in it)
    drosera falconeri
    drosera kenneallyi
    drosera ordenses x paradoxa
    drosera allantostigma

    If you have other carnivorous plants other than I`ve mentiond above please let my know, perhaps I am also intersted in it.

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