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    I thought it may be helpful for us to recommend some good books which we may have to help those who may be looking to invest in some fish literature.

    If we could list the name, author and a short 'review' of the books, I'm sure it'll be helpful.

    I'll start.......

    Title: Tropical Fishlopaedia: A complete guide to fish care
    Author: Mary Bailey and Peter Burgess
    Review: A brilliant book for anyone wanting to know about the care of their fishy friends. Covers everything from how to choose an aquarium, set it up, identification of illness (very comprehensive), treatment of illness as well as dosages for the 'not so common remedies', alternative treatments, and LOADS more. If you are looking for a book which will give you more information on specific species, then this book is not for you, however ALL other aspects are covered in detail in a very easy to understand manner.

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