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    Hi all

    I'm considering using Seachem Purigen or Hypersorb and Phosguard in my planted tank, but am not sure of the following:

    1) Will the Purigen or Hypersorb also remove the liquid fertilizers added to the tank?
    2) What is the difference between Purigen and Hypersorb? They both seem to do the same thing - remove organics. Only one is more than twice the price of the other!
    3) Will either of these products remove the nitrate that has already formed?
    4) Do any of the above remove phosphate, or do I still need to add Phosguard?
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    Why do you want to add these prodcuts and what do they do?

    You say you have a planted tank. How planted? If the plants are growing well and fish density isn't very high then you don't need heavy filtration and the plants will keep the levels of phosphate and other nutrients in check. All you need is a filter to recirculate the water and cause some surface disruption to faciliate efficient gaseous exchange and break up biofilms.

    I would suggest a small Aquaclear or some other "hang-on-the-side" filter and would go so far as to get one that is "under-sized" for your tank.

    There should also be no need to add fertilizer. In a well stocked tank with good plant growth fish food should supply all the nutrients your plants need. The only nutrient short would be carbon dioxide.


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