New plants ID please

Discussion in 'Aquatic plants' started by iamavibe, May 30, 2009.

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    May 30, 2009
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    Cape Town
    This is my first post real post, and I am already asking for help lol.. I will be introducing myself properly and tell you more about my set up soon, but I am trying to do 10000 things at once atm..
    So here is my first post..
    an i.d question :)
    I got these new plants from Sams aquarium today.
    They where unable to tell me what plants they are, I am hoping you guys will be able to answer this question for me.
    [​IMG] this one is a bit blurry sorry about that
    [​IMG] I recon this is the amazon sword notice the rhizome...

    Now this one I'm really not sure about:
    [​IMG] On another forum that I posed this one I was told that this was a purple waffle plant which isnt an aquatic plant.... which I will be every angry if this is the case, because this wouldnt be the first time I have got something from sams on their recommendation just to get home and find out it isnt what I was told.
    Also where can I get C02 stuff from?
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    Apr 1, 2009
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    I see you're based in Cape Town (or so I assume as you visited Sams :) ) Solex69 purchased his Tetra CO2 kit from Panorama Pets and has had much success with it :) As to being sold non-aquatic plants - you're not alone.....I am FAR from a guru when it comes to plants and the same has happened to me and I expect to many others. Solex69 and Eskimo are very clued up on the plants and I'm sure they'll be able to identify them for you :)
  4. solex69


    Sep 9, 2008
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    1 - Bacopa Monierri from the looks of it
    2 - Echinodorus Schlueteri
    3. Hemigraphis Colorata

    Re plant # 3, chuck it away or go get your money back, it's a terrarium plant, it'll die off in your tank in a few's also known for chaning water chemistry. I lost piles of fish thanks to this plant long ago.

    I wouldn't really blame Sams (can't believe I'm saying this :)) for selling you this plant...many if not all LFS here in the Western Cape sells you whatever they get from their distributors. Most LFS are in it for the $$$, so they don't really care what they sell you


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