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    What does the aquarium department at the largest pet store in Europe look like? Well, a little bit like this! I visited Zoo Zajac and brought my camera to give you an impression. Be sure to scroll through the photos for some aquarium inspiration – both freshwater and marine.

    IMG_0362-1024x682.jpg IMG_0295-1024x682.jpg IMG_0351-1024x682.jpg IMG_0282-1024x682.jpg IMG_0363-1024x682.jpg IMG_0341-1024x682.jpg IMG_0342-1024x682.jpg IMG_0326-1024x682.jpg IMG_0284-1024x682.jpg IMG_0266-1024x682.jpg IMG_0322-1024x682.jpg IMG_0273-1024x682.jpg IMG_0336-1024x682.jpg IMG_0292-1024x682.jpg IMG_0370-1024x682.jpg IMG_0356-1024x682.jpg IMG_0293-1024x682.jpg IMG_0288-1024x682.jpg IMG_0324-1024x682.jpg IMG_0285-1024x682.jpg IMG_0365-1024x682.jpg IMG_0333-1024x682.jpg IMG_0279-1024x682.jpg IMG_0354-1024x682.jpg IMG_0274-1024x682.jpg IMG_0349-1024x682.jpg IMG_0371-1024x682.jpg IMG_0335-1024x682.jpg IMG_0320-1024x682.jpg IMG_0331-1024x682.jpg IMG_0264-1024x682.jpg IMG_0289-1024x682.jpg IMG_0353-1024x682.jpg IMG_0337-1024x682.jpg IMG_0278-1024x682.jpg IMG_0368-1024x682.jpg IMG_0372-1024x682.jpg IMG_0329-1024x682.jpg IMG_0283-1024x682.jpg IMG_0328-1024x682.jpg IMG_0305-1024x682.jpg IMG_0369-1024x682.jpg IMG_0357-1024x682.jpg IMG_0296-1024x682.jpg
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