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    hi all
    I was wondering about killi fish.
    Is it easy too keep them? Do they want anything speacial in their envirointment?
    Can they be kept with other fish like guppies, betta females, swords ect? or do they want to be on their own?
    Do they want acidic water or not?
    how do the breed precise?

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    Hi Rooivlerkie,

    Yes, depending on the species
    Any hiding spaces would be nice. Depending on the type of killifish, non-annual or annual they would want some place to lay their eggs. Like a bowl of peat or a wool spawning mop.
    Most killifish species don't get along with other fish species, so it would be better to keep them on their own.
    This also depends on the species.
    Depending on the type. Non-annuals will just lay eggs on a spawning mop. They should do this on their own, but a water change and some nice food will help trigger spawning.
    For annual killish, they will try to lay eggs in any soil, you will have to get some peat and put it in a bowl. They should also do this on their own.

    If you want to start off with an easy species then I would recommend any Fundulopanchax gardneri species.

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