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    Hi all,
    So we've recently moved & i've sold all my fish/plants etc - and now have this large 2m tank waiting to be stocked.

    I want to do something different - I've done the planted tank thing, with loads of small fish.
    Now I want to get larger fish - something that you will see immediately when you enter the room - and it must be colourful!

    So malawi's are my first choice.
    The problem is, I don't know which Malawi's to get....
    I've done alot of reading - and I see that the recommendation is that you don't mix Mbunas, Haps and Labs.. This is due to the feeding needs, the aggression of Mbunas etc.

    So preferably I want to stick with one species - so that I don't run into issues later down the line.

    So my requirements:
    1. Fish that will grow to the size of 15-20cm.
    2. Must be colourful (like only Malawi's can be)
    3. Must be able get a couple of fish in (so don't want something that I can only add 2 fish in my tank). Looking at overstocking this tank a bit. So I'm busy modifying my filters to handle an overstock tank.
    4. Fish must be easy enough to source - don't want to wait 6 months for fish. Want to buy them when they're still small.
    5. Oh - and don't want to pay thousands of R on a fish. So must be affordable for me to buy +- 50-60 fish. (not sure what my stockings will be on a 1000l tank - especially on fish that's 15-20cm in size)
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    I think a combination of Haps will look really nice.
    Nice and colourful. And less agro than Mbuna.
    As you say, Mbuna prefer a vegetarian based diets, Haps more of a “meaty” diet.

    And something else to consider would be a Lake Tanganyikan setup.
    Have a look on the forum for Jack Stone. In his threads he makes some suggestions of stocking combinations

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