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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Zoom, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Hi Guys,

    As most of you all know, I haven't ventured into real plants yet, and currently only have plastic/silk ones and natural rock.

    I have been monitoring the water chemistry for a few weeks now because I know the value the plants have on the water chemistry. And for 3 weeks now, my tank has settled into an extremely stable (aquarist dream) state, i.e:

    pH = 7
    Ammonia = 0ppm
    Nitrite = 0ppm
    Nitrate = 40ppm

    Algae has started growing on the rocks and plants, which doesn't bug me too much, as it gives it a more natural/real look... but when I clean the tank and take the plants out for "scrubbing", is their anything I can use to clean properly.

    The friend who helped me establish my tank soaks his stuff in a very diluted solution of Jik, which I am very hesistant to try as Jik = bleech which = chlorine = DEATH!

    All I really want to do is control the algae a little, as the little bit that is in the tank is keeping the Nitrates reasonably low. (I think...)

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    After soaking I jik, rinse in tap water and then soak in tap water with some Seachem PRIME. A very effective dechlorinator.

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