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    Fish of the Month Competition Rules

    In order to ensure the competition runs smoothly each month, the mods and admin have set out a couple of rules. Please follow these when submitting an entry or nomination.

    General Rules:-

    1) You may enter the competition by two different methods, self entry and by nomination.
    2) Self entry submissions must be your own fish. Entering a fish belonging to someone else is not permitted.
    3) You may nominate another TASA member's fish for entry. Please seek their permission first, as nominations will not be accepted unless the nominee's agreement can be verified. Nomination of a fish belonging to a non-member is not permitted.
    4) Entries and nominations will be accepted for 1 calendar month before voting commences.
    5) Entries are limited to 1 entry per member per competition.
    6) Voting polls will commence on the 14th of the month and close on the 28th of the month.
    7) For example, entries for September TOTM will be accepted from 14th August to 13th September. Voting will commence on 14th September, and the poll closed and winner announced on 28th September.
    8) The moderators and admin reserve the right to accept or reject any nomination or entry as they see fit.
    9) The 'Fish of the Month' winner may not submit an entry, or be nominated for entry, for at least the next two competitions. For example, the winner of the September FOTM may not enter or be entered into the October or November competitions.
    10) Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken.
    11) The moderator's decision is final.

    How to submit your competition entry:-
    12) To enter the competition, two photographs are required. The first photograph to be submitted is your competition entry. The second photograph should be identical to the first as far as possible, however must include a clearly visible piece of paper with 'TASA FOTM COMP' and the date clearly written on. This is to ensure that the fish entered does belong to the entrant.

    The moderators understand that it is not easy to obtain two identical photographs of a fish (it's often difficult to get one, never mind two), and the rules must reflect this. Therefore, the verification photograph will be accepted if it clearly shows one of the following two things:-
    - That both photographs are of the same fish;
    - That although the fish may not be clearly seen in the verification photograph, it is clear that the photograph is of the same tank (some distinguishing feature is visible in both photographs).
    The moderators reserve the right to ask for further verification if required.


    How to nominate another TASA member's fish:-
    13) To make a nomination, please seek permission from the fish owner first, then post details of the fish. The nominee must then confirm their agreement for the fish to be entered, or the nomination will not be accepted. Once the nominee's agreement is confirmed, the same two photographs must be provided as for a self-entry as described above.
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