Early Christmas present - for one of you?

Discussion in 'Pet Stop' started by Moolis, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Hi all water fanatics

    I have an early Christmas present for one of you guys in stock. [​IMG]

    This REDSEA 250MAX package worth R35 700-00 for only R25 995-00
    This deal includes the following:
    • 10kg Reef base
    • 7kg coral pro salt
    • 1 Redsea hydrometer
    • 1 Nitro back
    • 1 complete marine pro test kit
    • 1 additional Redsea Calcium test kit
    • 1 additional Redsea Magnesium test kit
    • 1 additional Redsea Iodine test kit
    • 1 additional Redsea Silicate test kit
    • 1 Redsea Calcium supplement
    • 1 Redsea Magnesium supplement
    Who is going to be the lucky reefer? [​IMG]



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