DoPhin C1600 Canister Filter

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    I needed powerful filters to fit inside my 60cm high tank cabinet, my current DoPhin c2400 is too big, and sit outside the cabinet, for anyone who has seen one of these, they ain’t pretty, so I bought two C1600’s
    Price: around R2000ea
    Max flow rate 2540l/h, this is very good, and will give an effective filtration rate of at least 1540l/h, after the filter media is in, pipes connected and the return is hoisted over the top of your tank, maximum height is 2.1m which should be adequate for most tank installations
    More good news: it only consumes 27W of power, which is great for a filter this size, older filters would easily drain up to 60W to produce an equivalent flow rate. With electricity prices setting to soar you’ll have this filter pay for itself in no time!
    Size: a foot print of 21cmx26cm won’t overcrowd you cabinet, and at around 57cm high, after the hose connectors and hoses are connected, you can actually comfortably fit it inside a 60cm high cabinet.
    There are 5 media trays with a combined capacity for around 7l filter media. You get one sponge, one piece of floss, a pack of ceramic rings and a pack of carbon with the filter. There is plenty of space for filter media, and the 5 trays allow you to be creative in this regard.

    Very simple to setup, instructions included and printed on the box. It comes with standard hoses, a 75cm spray bar, a telescopic inlet pipe, and brackets on suction cups fix it all onto the glass.

    Priming is done by pressing on a priming pump knob on the top of the canister, this one works very well, and getting it going is easy. The filter is quiet when running, and pretty much inaudible inside my cabinet.

    Great value for money
    High flow rate, filters very well
    5 media trays with 7l media capacity allows a number of different media to be combined
    Easy to assemble, clean. Spares, if and when needed, are readily available
    Efficient, power consumption - 27W
    Well constructed, whilst made in China, the quality of the material, and the way it is constructed is very good.

    None that I’ve experienced, the height could have been reduced somewhat by increasing the foot print, but as mentioned before, it fit inside my 60cm high cabinet

    Source: Technical specs: KWaquatics & product literature.
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    Very good canister filter

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