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    I don't mind buying multiple books, preferably in kindle format, as long as it's thorough (any Tom can pop out a kindle book on Amazon and they seem pretty shallow and of low quality)

    Fish book/encyclopedia

    - I'm looking for an encyclopedia on as many tropical fish as possible. I downloaded the 'Aquarimate' app
    and while it's got some pretty nifty features to make a fishkeepers life easier, the library of fish is pretty
    limited and with only the bare bones of information. I want books which explain the fish's ideal living
    conditions, behaviour, lifespan, etc. considerations etc. and of course... high quality pictures.


    The sunken gardens book, by Karen Randel seems promising. Has anyone read it?

    General fishkeeping

    - Most books I've seen market themselves as for the beginner. That's all well and fine, but I'd like something which goes into detail on co2 systems, water flow, lighting etc.

    Thanks again
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    Hello Rezryk,

    I think an aquarium book on a kindle will be disappointing without color photos. But it probably wont be too long before Kindle comes out with color displays.

    It might be a bit of a tall order to get an encyclopedia with as many species in with all their requirements in detail in 1 book. To get that you might have to limit yourself to a group of fish, cory catfish, malawis, etc.. For species only, I can recommend Dr Axelrod's Atlas, I have the 4th and 11th version. The 11th version has more pics but a lot of the same fish were added (eg. lots more Betta splendis pics), the 11th will obviously have updated names but older versions are still a great reference.

    A general fish keeping, lots of those on the market, see TFH Publications. They had some of the best aquarium books back in the day. Think there is also AquaLog books but only know of them, never bought one.

    A good website for detailed requirements on species (but haven't been updated in a while) is Seriously Fishy

    Sad to say but books are dying out, here is a link to a couple of books. Most of the books are more than 7 years or older.

    Sunken Gardens is a good book but dont have any other on planted aquaria so cant say if there are better ones on the market.
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    I have hundreds of aquarium related books. Printed. Not electronic.
    As a generalisation, the books on a specific genera or groups of fish tend to be better than those general fish keeping

    Readers Warehouse gets some good over runs at decent prices.
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    What you need is "The complete aquarium encyclopedia of tropical freshwater fish" or "Freshwater aquarium fishes".

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