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    ok so I read the whole discussion on the hatching of BBS - I just can't get the coke bottle thing going. Anyway so what I did was get a nice vase, popped in about a litre of water. finally found a bottle of bio elite artemia cysts complete with aboslutely NO instructions whatsoever so added 2 heaped tablespoons marine salt (hope it was marine - came in a 1kg packet - LFS said it was) - dissolved first in 1/2 cup hot water, added a tsp of the eggs, popped in an air pipe at the top of the vase and then stood the vase in a larger container of water with a heater. I just cannot get it to 26degrees. my therm is on lowest setting and temp in vase is sitting at 29 degrees. Will this be a problem? AMy angel fry are at day 10 now and I have lost a lot. I don't think they are eating the liquifry. I can't tell because it's white and they seem to have white dots anyway... About 30 or so left so I want to feed them BBS. 24 hours should be tonight??

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    29 degrees should still be OK but hatching will be between 24 and 36 hours, just check when the water goes an orange type colour. I hope you added the hot water to the vase and THEN added the eggs. If you added the eggs to the hot water then you have a problem.

    Also air must bubble enough to keep the eggs moving around all the time (no settling)

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