August competition entries last chance for XOTY 2014 title....

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    Our annual competitions runs from September to August every year.... Only the Monthly winners in each category are entered for this prestige title.... so... to be included in the 2014 annual competition.... our August competitions are your last chance.... (before the 2015 season starts)

    Voting for the XOTY competitions will once again take place on 2 forums over a 2 month period.... During September.... TASA will vote for the winners of an international fish forum.... and... they will vote for our winners.... then.... in November... We will vote for our own entries... (and they for their entries) ... and.. the combined vote of the two forums will be used to determine the winners for 2014...

    I am aware that last year... we had considerable problems in allocating the prizes to our winners where not all of the winners received there prizes, so... in an effort to prevent a recurrence of such problems.... I call for volunteers to sponsor prizes for at least the winners in each of the TASA categories.... These volunteers must please undertake to forward the prizes to the respective winners.... the 3 categories are... Pet of the Month.... Fish of the month and tank of the month.... Prospective sponsors can send me a pm of intent or reply in this thread.... It will be highly appreciated..

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