Aquatic plant black list: myths and truths

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    There has been a lot of discussions lately around the so called plant black list but I have just reconfirmed with the Department of Agriculture that issues import permits that the list they provide with each permit is not a blacklist but actually an import prohibited list.

    How do they get to conclusion that a certain plant should not be imported? They take the list of plants that you have applied for and they do what they call a “weed risk assessmentâ€. This assessment is based on studies done overseas (mostly tropics) on the invasiveness of these plants.

    This exercise is mostly a waste of time as most of the plants on this list is actually being grown in aquaculture farms locally.

    When asked about the so called black list of aquatic plants I was told that it is upto each provice to do their own one and at the moment the only aquatic plants 100% illegal are the ones listed on the fish black list:

    Azolla Spp Azolla
    Egeria Densa Pond Weed
    Myrophyllum Aquaticum Parrots Feather
    Salvinia Molesta Kariba Weed
    Pistia Stratiotes Water Lettuce
    Eichornia Crassipes Water Hyacinth

    …. And now we know….

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