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    Good Day Everyone,

    Using tap water for your aquarium? Try AF Water Conditioner and get 2000 l of ready-for-use water in minutes with only 200ml of the product.

    A formula intended for water treatment with added vitamins and protective colloid. Instantly prepares tap water for direct use in aquariums. AF Water Conditioner reduces the chlorine levels which pose risk to fish, binds and neutralizes heavy metals. Renders water-soluble compounds, e.g. iron, bioavailable to plants. While being transported, the fish often suffers damage to skin, fins, and mucus. Thanks to the protective colloid content, which replaces the natural mucus, the fish skin regenerates faster and is less susceptible to injury and infections. A specially selected composition of B vitamins additionally strengthens the immune system of fish and supports their regeneration. Description: A water treatment formula which binds heavy metals in water and removes toxic chlorine forms. Renders water-borne compounds bioavailable to plants. The protective colloids and B vitamins content makes it easier for fish to withstand stress and more resistant to disease. AF Water Conditioner works immediately after application.

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