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    Good Day Everyone,

    Sometimes lowering water pH is necessary... AF Minus pH is:

    ✔️perfectly safe
    ✔️ideal parameter stabilizer
    ✔️highly efficient

    Remember to ask your local retailer if they have the Aquaforest Freshwater range in stock! :thumbup:

    Professional media for lowering pH level of aquarium water. The PH of aquarium water determines biological balance of the aquarium, so it should be as close to natural as it is possible. Species of fish from Amazon river, where the pH of the water is 5.5-6.5, habitat prefer slightly acidic pH.

    Clearly, for some fish species, tap water requires a lowering of pH. AF Minus pH grants it in a quick and easy way. The optimal pH provides solid ground for reproduction and affects positively overall condition of fish.

    No phosphate content.

    Retailers please contact -

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