Aquaforest Life Essence an Purify is now available in SA

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    Good Day Aquarists

    Aquaforest Life Essence and Purify is finaly available in South Africa.

    Contact Your Nearest Retailer for more info.

    AF Purify:
    A professional formula for freshwater aquariums. AF Purify is dedicated especially for aquariums that struggle with the problem of fishpox. AF Purify can me used also during convalescence of thrush. Contains specialist compounds helpful in nursing fish.
    Recommended bathe in a quarantine tank or other therapeutic aquarium (7-14 days) - 10ml/100 l of water. After three days, change 20% of the water and replenish the formula - 5ml/100 l of water. The entire cycle should be repeated 2 more times. The recommended bath temperature is 27-30°C. When using the product, it is important to aerate the water. Do not mix with chlorine or oxygen. At the end of treatment, change 50% of water and place the AF Carbon filter on the basket. The bath should be carried out in a quarantine tank also due to the strong colouring properties. The product can colourize the decorations, gravel and other elements of the aquarium equipment.

    AF Life Essence:
    High quality agent containing nitrifying bacteria from the Nitrospirae and Nitrobacter families. Specially selected bacterial strains accelerate the removal of ammonia and other toxic organic compounds. Recommended for newly established aquariums to start the nitrogen cycle and create a biologically friendly environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium. It is also beneficial to use during regular water changes for maintaining a biological balance. The use of AF Life Essence at the start of the aquarium significantly speeds up the process of its maturation. AF Life Essence is perfect as a supplementation of bacterial flora after filter cleaning and treatment of fish with strong bactericidal preparations.

    10 ml per 100 l (27 US gal) of water daily for first 2 weeks of setting up the aquarium. Shake before use. Additional dose is also recommended after fish loss or fish stock increase and weekly water change. Store in a dry and cool place away from light.

    Enjoy and Happy Planting.

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