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    Guys i was emailed this article and found it very interesting :)

    "It is one of the most common foods to be plucked off pizzas.
    But now anchovies are so popular that they have become over fished and placed on a critical warning list. The Marine Conservation Society placed it among dozens of 'fish to avoid' on a list for ethical consumers.
    Aggressive fishing has left anchovy populations off the French coast struggling since 2002 with fewer adult fish to provide eggs.
    The fishing area suffered a complete failure in 2004 and is now closed to allow stocks to replenish.
    Fishing quotas have been restricted off the Portuguese coast after its stocks were branded at critical levels.​
    Others recommended to give a miss are Atlantic salmon, common skate and swordfish. A total of 69 types of fish were given the society's avoidance rating, including monkfish, North Sea cod and dogfish.
    The society places a fish on its list if it is being aggressively caught in an area where stocks are already low.
    Sam Wildling, a fisheries officer for the society, said: 'There are not many anchovy left in European waters, and we say people should avoid them, to give populations a chance to recover.
    'Labelling of seafood sold in the UK is lacking detail, and as such is not fit for purpose. This is leading to confusion.
    'It is vital that consumers are given better information to act upon if we are to reduce the tragedy of overfishing.'
    Anchovies can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.
    Story Source: [​IMG] To view the original story, please click here."

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