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  1. Ashen
    No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish.
  2. David Kusner
  3. A new day
    A new day
    I have a 65L with a dwarf gourami and livebearers, and setting up a 180L heavily planted jungle style tank for a.o.t. angels
  4. Donovan_21
    Donovan_21 Little Nicky
    Hello Nicky, do you still have the super red ancistrus?
  5. Adam
  6. Sslim
    Sslim Marco
    Hi looking to buy discuss in Durban
    Can you please suggest a breeder
  7. Sslim
    Sslim pHish_man
    Hi looking for discuss to buy in Durban
  8. Sslim
    Sslim M.S.Sayed
    Do you have any discuss for sale
  9. David Kusner
    David Kusner
    Trust is like an aquarium, Once it breaks,it loses its life, It can't be patched up again - Le`ra
  10. A new day
    A new day
    I am establishing my first small peaceful community in a 65L planted tank - started a thread to ask for advice!
  11. Donny
    Donny Wizzard0s
    Welcome .
  12. Adam K
    Adam K
    Tanganyikan tank mad
  13. Wizzard0s
    New guy with 530 l tank. Been keeping some hardy fish for the last 10 years, by all means I'm a newbee trying to get a nice new tank going
  14. CheeseFlamingo
    I'm breeding ramrezis
  15. JungleAquatics
  16. CheeseFlamingo
    I like cheese and flamingoes
  17. Noob101
  18. Noob101
    Noob101 Charles Helfer
    Hi kobus here, I am able to take tank 1 of your hands
  19. Jandre Frey
    Jandre Frey
    Nano fish and aquascaping. ♥
  20. Janna57
    Janna57 Ammar
    Hi Ammar . Do you still have some left ? I am interested in 10 . Will be able to pick up in Germiston . Let me know when we can meet up next week . 0733700227 . Jannie