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  1. Ladysphinx
    Ladysphinx BadgerBadger
    0622318349 you can contact me by this number
  2. Ladysphinx
    Ladysphinx Pierré Schoonraad
    I love your Signature hahahahahahah
  3. Verona
    Looking for Guppies im PMB
  4. Tosen
    Tosen JamesB
    Hi James,

    What plants do you have to swop? I have 2 beautiful clowns and 1 pleco that I am willing to barter with..

  5. 1300wipass
    1300wipass keeganb
    Hi Keegan
    I would like to make you an offer for R400 for the air pump and two filters, let me know, many thanks

  6. Jandre Frey
    Jandre Frey
    Hi. Im new to fishkeeping. Live near cape town, western cape.
  7. Gareth
    Gareth johan008
    Hello, I am back.... lol
  8. Gareth
    Gareth Ernie
    Hi Ernie, do you maybe still have the 2m tank available for sale?
    I am interested and I live in Potchefstroom
  9. Gareth
    hi guys I am finally getting back into the hobby. Its been awhile since I last Posted on here.
  10. Fisch
    Fisch Peter E
    I live in Cape Town and as a child kept tropical fish as well as white worms . I was able to obtain a very small started culture about 18 months ago from an old gentleman and after some trial and error are breeding them successfully. I contacted and spoke to Jack Stone at the time you were looking for white worms in July 2016 but he did not come back to me.
  11. gazoh
    gazoh Saturn
    Howdy what goldies do u keep?
    1. Saturn
      Pearlscales and Ranchu, Thinking of adding a Ryukin to my collection. if I had a massive size tank than Saboa. and you?
      Aug 9, 2017
  12. Bassie
    So....i have been out of the game for quite some time.....and in the process of setting up again.....
  13. WolfgangP
    WolfgangP neltf
    Hi, got a nice piece of driftwood, send me a whatsapp on 0832553290 I send you some pic's, size about 1m in lenght.
  14. Mikayla
    Fancy Goldfish keeper from Cape Town, South Africa.
  15. reuben
    reuben Gef's Fish
    whats your contact no
  16. BadgerBadger
    BadgerBadger Fanie Spies
    Hi Fanie, I can collect this evening?
    1. Fanie Spies
      Jul 12, 2017
    2. BadgerBadger
      Let me know where and what time and I'll be there. I get home from work around 5:30pm. Also do i need to bring bags?
      Jul 12, 2017
  17. Fanie Spies
    Fanie Spies hencoloots
    Hey I'd really be interested if you still have crystals available. Please let me know
  18. ChrisGuy
    Fish keeper and rookie aquascaper
  19. aqua dude
  20. Erna Freyer
    Erna Freyer Japes

    Was just wondering if you saw my response on your tank that's for sale.

    Is it still available? I am interested.

    My contact no 0716719536