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  1. BradDBN
    Cell: 0823006177 / Email: admin at rbmarine dot co dot za Web:
  3. norman777
    norman777 Jwh
    Hi Jwh

    Congrats in the litter! They look great. I am really keen on getting a ray but not sure if my system will be big enough.

    I have a 1300 x 600 x 600. With a 4ft sump. Is this big enough?

    I see you noted that you would charge bout 50% of what a LFS does. What is that more or less?

    Kind Regards,
  4. FMN716
    FMN716 hotdog83
    hi I got a tidal 75 if you interested
  5. Vincent Govender
    Vincent Govender Ashan
    Hi Ashan

    Still have black aro
  6. Kr30_
  7. SeanoK
    SeanoK Trying
    Hi there

    My number is 074 951 2223
  8. Little Nicky
    Little Nicky hotdog83
    Hello. 0798797040. Regards, Nico
  9. Hilton
    Hilton Dirk
    Hi Dirk my name is Hilton i have been looking around for some discus. But i would lile to take a drive out your side and come have a look at your set up. Can you maybe drop me a whats app if thats fine with you. 0738828823
  10. Hilton
    Fishie sailor
  11. Hilton
    Love my fish
  12. Morne Smit
    Morne Smit Little Nicky
    Hi Nicky, can pm me your Number for Whatsapp. Want to make an offer on tank 10
  13. Hendre
    Hendre iMG
    Loving that gold and brown shrimp!
    1. iMG
      That is one of my Green Jades actually, they have that yellow line down the back and the rest is green.
      Jan 20, 2020
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  14. Meryl
  15. SURGE.
  16. Leonnella
    Leonnella Irma
    Hi Irma
    We would like to find out if you have any elephant/dumbo ear guppies available?
    Kind regards,
  17. squish
    squish Amakawa
    Hi bud is the tank still available? If so could we arrange a collection on Saturday? I stay in Vaalpark and need this, LOL.
  18. AHA!!!
    AHA!!! Amakawa
    If you are willing to wait until January my friend will take the 3ft tank of your hands.

    His name is Nico Claasen
    076 609 4011
  19. Candace Main
    Candace Main Marco
    Hi Marco, do you have any discus available?
    300ltr fish tank with 5 oscars snd 1 plecko for sale in Risiville Vereeniging, 0837081323