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  1. Chuggernaught
    Chuggernaught Hendre
    Hey, I was sent over to you from reddit for some info about stocking a African biotope tank, would you be willing to answer some questions?
    1. Hendre
      From reddit? Who sent you from there? Just curious. And yeah sure! Send a PM :)
      Nov 7, 2019
  2. Ashley
    Ashley Lowflyer7
    Pity i saw it too late! Let me know if you come across anymore Clowns or Cory's plz...
    I only have 2 Clowns and 2 Cory's!
    1 Albino and 1 Speckled Cory....Male/Female.
    Regards Ashley
    1. Lowflyer7
      Hi Ashley. How bid is your tank? Pampered Pets regularly has cories and clown Loaches, the Loaches are just a bit pricey from the LFS.
      Nov 3, 2019
    2. Ashley
      My tank is more of a grow out tank as it's only 780x480x450 and with my sump holds only 225 lts of water.
      I don't live in EL so i can't pop in regularly...and when i do then they don't have any and yes their Loaches are pricey!
      Ps, what are your thoughts on Finny Flipper?
      Nov 3, 2019
  3. A new day
    A new day
    65L and 180L jungle style planted community tanks, plus a minnow breeding pond.
  4. Donny
    i use to live at 10 tulbagh street in brooklyn and i know the mulberry tree is still there, so maybe the new owners will let you have leaves
  5. Donny
    Hi, apologies on late response.
  6. cam610
    cam610 TypeRSA
  7. cam610
    cam610 llewellynkearney
    Do you still have driftwood?
  8. cam610
    cam610 TypeRSA
    What plants do you have left
    1. TypeRSA
      Well most of them. Will send you a pic in the morning
      Oct 2, 2019
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    2. TypeRSA
      Can you send me your cell no? Will whatsapp you some pics. Sorry they are a bit dark. No light on the tank anymore. But you can have the tank with all decor I have left if you want it.
      Oct 3, 2019
  9. cam610
    cam610 TypeRSA
    Hey, Can we include the inserts in the tank as apart of the same, the decorations and plants etc
    1. TypeRSA
      Hi, they have unfortunately mostly gone. Only have a few plants left. The driftwood is gone.
      Oct 2, 2019
  10. Liam
    Liam Pezulu
    Morning, I am sure I can pop through at some point. Where abouts in Centurion are you based?
  11. TetraJacques
    Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive.
  12. Matt_
    Matt_ Ammar
    Hi Bud, sorry Im new to the forum and yet sure how everything works, but I am interested in the 2400x800x800 tank if its still available? Thanks
  13. Adam K
    Adam K
    Tanganyikan life. Anyone in the group specializing in tangayikan cichlids?
  14. Liam
    Liam KatjaMontaldos
    Hi Katja, the place is called koialami. Most of those fish can be caught from various dams as well though. In a larger pond you should be fine to mix at least two species. Let me know if you would like to know anything else. If you Google the species there are also a number of places that sell fingerlings. They also come in red which are the farm bread variety and tend to grow faster.
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  15. Hein@1979
    Hein@1979 Marco
    Hi Marco, do you have dark knight rams available?
  16. HANNO
    Old hobbyist, new to breeding. Always learning.
  17. adam bekko
    adam bekko
    Hey, I’m not currently home but I asked someone to send me pics, will send those to U later. Could i get ur number for WhatsApp pls?
  18. Grngemsquash
    Grngemsquash adam bekko
    Sup man intresting tilapia you have can you send me a in jhb
  19. stewig
    stewig Donny
    Hi Donny I am in Milnerton and desperately need to get some Mulberry leaves. Would you be able to assist?
  20. Ravs
    Ravs dorff
    Hi, is your tank available or has it been sold.